It’s Simple To Make A Handmade Doll.

Provide a small kid a soft and sweet buddy. Our cloth dolls, made from bit even more than fabric and yarn, are full of character. Choose the yarn for the hair with care; alpaca works for straight hair, and boucle has built-in curls. For much shorter curls, embroider mohair yarn directly to head and brush a little.

Step One: Cut Fabric

Print the doll template. Fold a 10-by-18-inch piece of washable textile (for body) end to end, right sides facing; lay design template on fabric with dotted lines of shoulders on fold, and removed along strong lines; pin. From a nearly 10-inch square of cotton jersey (for skin), cut a 3-by-7-inch strip (for head) and four 2-inch squares (for hands and feet).

Step Two: Stitch Fabric

Starting at bottom outer edge of one leg, sew up side to end of arm, with a 1/4-inch joint allowance. Repeat on other side of body. Sew inner edges of the legs. Notch curves on body. Fold head rectangle in half lengthwise; pin. Starting at the fold, stitch a rounded shape across short end, as shown, and continue stitching down open side; snip away excess material, keeping 1/8-inch joint allowance. Turn both pieces right side out.

Step 3: Roll Batting

Cut three 2-by-7-inch strips of wool or polyester batting; lay in star shape, as revealed. Roll more batting into a 2-inch ball; location on star. Bring strips up and around ball; use a chopstick and your fingers to press batting inside head. Head needs to be firm; add even more batting if needed, smoothing with fingers.

Step 4: Make cloth doll’s Head, Hands, and Feet

Tie thread the exact same color as skin around head below ball to produce a neck. Stitch bottom opening closed. For hands and feet, location 1-inch ball of batting on each square; package, tying with thread.

Step Five: Stuff cloth doll’s Body

Things body, however not as securely as head. Usage gathering stitch to tighten up neck opening. Slip head into neck opening. With a doubled length of skin-colored thread, whipstitch visit body, folding under raw edge of body. Repeat for hands and feet.

Step 6: Make cloth doll Hair and Features

Usage pins to mark positioning of functions. Sew on yarn (for hair) in loops; to keep it in location, make an extra, tiny anchoring stitch at the end of every loop. For functions, place a needle threaded with embroidery floss through the back of the head and out at a pin. Stitch features; needle must exit at the back of the head. Tie off.

Step 7: Complete doll’s Hair

Snip loops of hair, and fluff. Usage your fingers to form the face.

Step 8: Sell Your cloth dolls Online and in Shops.

If you ‘d such as to attempt making and offering dolls, eBay is actually your best location to begin with. Make a couple dolls and offer it a try! You can also try offering on Etsy which is a website that focuses on handmade goods. You need to likewise search for boutique in your town that may such as to offer your dolls on consignment. Craft fairs, church fairs as well as garage sale are great places to sell less pricey dolls. But for big bucks you need to stick to unique doll stores or online auctions where doll addicts want to battle to get your newest production!


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