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I haven’t been posting much mainly because I’ve been binge reading, watching movies and the Mr. Selfridge TV series. It also seems to be a quiet time in the fashion doll world with the occasional release of a stunning doll like Kingdom Doll’s, Brighton. Integrity Toys will have a reveal next month. Tonner releases dolls as they become available to pre-order or ship.
It appears that Alexandra Forbes is no longer photographing Ficondoll’s new products. That’s quite a loss for them as can be seen in this stiff photo of a their latest doll, Liu. She has a beautiful face but the photographer did not come close to Alex’s photographic talent. The doll sold out in spite of the photos. I like Ficon’s products and hope for their continued success.
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Elusive Icons: Black Fashion Dolls 1968 – 2013

Saturday, March 22, 2014
Elusive Icons: Black Fashion Dolls 1968 – 2013
nullThe Elusive Icons exhibition was a chronological visual illustration and comparison of Black fashion dolls over the past 46 years to the present. The collection of over 60 dolls showed the chronological progression of representation, from one doll to the multiple dolls with different skin tones and facial features presently available. In this exhibit an attempt to trace the development of a multi-dimensional representation and evolution of Blackness was made. The dolls exhibited were from doll collectors across Canada.
According to the exhibit’s website, the collection created an opportunity to start a dialogue that empowers Black women. These discussions ranged from representations that many have never known or have ever seen before. Questions of race and identity are inherent in the collection of these Elusive Icons The exhibition was held in two other locations: School, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands- – a health centre catering to Black Women and Women of Colour, and the Brockton Collective gallery space, all during last February. The exhibit was very well received and was seen by over 500 people during its two-week installation. It is Frantz Brent Harris’ hope that he will be able to install this exhibit in other cities.
The artistic vision is two-fold; a small part of Black History is exhibited – the progression of the representation of idealized female Black beauty by mainstream doll manufacturers. The dolls were displayed on a long zigzagged shaped platform, created to look like a miniature runway and were arranged chronologically by dates produced. Each doll stands upright, labeled with the name and release date of the doll. There was also a printed guide available to all, with additional history and significance of each doll. 
Additionally, Franz Brent Harris presented his own hand made dolls as his representations of feminine Black beauty. His sculpted dolls are a response to the current manufactured “icons” available which usually have an unrealistic and unhealthy body type. Black women possess a wider range of different beautiful body types, from slim and nubile to thick and voluptuous. However, most of the naturally occurring Black women bodies are not reflected in most fashion dolls. The dolls that he created possess an athletic body-type and project a healthy body image; this contrasts against the “anorexic” dolls produced by most manufacturers The dolls he has sculpted were placed on individual pedestals and dressed in haute couture designed by himself and project power and awareness.
Harris tells us about the reason for the exhibition: “Elusive Icons is about awareness. It is my hope that the audience viewing the exhibition will become more aware of their own beauty and relevance. A doll is an influential object; fashion dolls are the society’s representations idealized physical perfection. A Black fashion doll therefore becomes a very powerful form of validation, especially for black women and girls. This fact was evident from the comments I received from my two previous doll exhibits, most recently “The BLK Barbie project” mounted at B.A.N. D., Many of the Black women who viewed the shows had never seen a Black fashion doll, many were deeply affected by them. There is still the controversial issue surrounding the negative body image that most fashion dolls project on society. They are presented as unnatural ultra –skinny and large breasted body type”.

“In response to this critique, to the absence of what I considered a normal healthy body type representation of a Black Woman, I created a doll that depicted just that. The dolls I have sculpted and created are my attempt to present a more realistic and healthy morphologies. It is my intention to represent the varied and beautiful body shapes of Black women. My vision is to represent and in some way validate the varied morphologies of Black women’s bodies. I am currently in the process of creating two additional bodies a slim healthy body and a very full-figured voluptuous body Presently, many representations of Blackness come from individuals who are not Black. I think it is of some significance that I am a Black artist presenting my interpretation of my own Blackness with these dolls which are loving portraits of my sisters and in part, myself. Black people have come very far, we make our presence and contribution to the Western world known. We are proud, our economic and political power has increased through the years. Observing how the representations of Black beauty, reflected in a fashion doll have also changed over the past 46 years is fascinating and illustrates our progress in a very simple manner. Recognizing our presence, the mainstream market has progressed from having only one Black fashion doll in 1967 produced by Mattel (Mattel is the maker of Barbie) to nine distinct Black facial sculpts by 2013, for that company alone, in addition to other companies, numerous other Black dolls presently are available”.
Photo of first AA Francie from 1967 (courtesy of Fashion Doll Guide )
“The first Black fashion doll was merely a “white doll” colored brown, now doll makers are producing Black dolls that mirror our facial features and are targeting the Black consumer. The Black fashion doll is still a scarce commodity in Canada; a fact easily illustrated by my recent trip to Toy’R”Us and Wal-Mart where no Black fashion dolls were even on their shelves.’ Before sculpting my own doll I was collector of black fashion dolls for 3 years. During this time I sourced, purchased and gave as gifts over 75 black fashion dolls to school aged girls via friends and colleagues. Instinctively I sensed that a child having dolls, none of which had any resemblance to how she looked must be harmful in some way. I received a great amount of satisfaction doing this because the doll I gave as a gift was usually the first black doll they had ever received and became the child’s favorite doll. Always the parents of these children spoke their frustration of never being able to find black dolls. I think my belief in the importance of seeing and having black dolls is summed up in a quote below:
“Without dolls that accurately represent their own image, children end up looking up to white dolls, and seeing the white image as being powerful and what beauty is,” says Phillip Jordan, author of a study on racial preferences among black children. “For children to have an image of self that is black and embraces your language and ethnic features is a very positive development.” -The Guardian, Friday 5 October 2012
 One of the greatest Black leaders, Marcus Garvey understood this; in the 1920s the Jamaican pan-Africanist backed his African pride and self-empowerment movement with a factory line producing a black-skinned doll with African features.”
I was not familiar with Frantz Brent- Harris’ work at fashion doll. A commonn friend on Facebook posted the event and soon enough I was looking at some amazing dolls, all works of Mr. Harris, that are part of the exhibition. He is vincent van gogh starry night doll also a graphic designer, illustrator and sculptor. His line of 16″ dolls is called Sonadolls and was created when a friend, upon seeing his doll collection, commented about the visible joints. Mr. Harris then proceeded in creating seamless jointed dolls.
Frantz Brent-Harris is Jamaican born Canadian Artist and Sculptor; his current focus is realistic figurative sculpture, fantasy surrealistic creatures and exquisite exotic art dolls. He has been practicing for over 20 years and his work has been exhibited in many galleries across in Ontario, these include Robert Langen Gallery (Wilfrid Laurier University), the BAND Gallery and the Canadian Sculpture Centre Gallery. Frantz Brent-Harris expresses complex and serious social and emotional subjects through his sculpture and simultaneous manages to seduce his viewer by creating a visually beautiful object of art. 
I was not familiar with Frantz Brent- Harris’ work at fashion doll. A commonn friend on Facebook posted the event and soon enough I was looking at some amazing dolls, all works of Brent-Harris, that are part of the exhibition. He is also a graphic designer, illustrator and sculptor. His line of 16″ dolls is called Sonadolls and was created when a friend, upon seeing his doll collection, commented about the visible joints. Brent-Harris then proceeded in creating seamless jointed dolls.
Since the dolls are all handcrafted by Brent-Harris, they come out in very limited editions. He designs and makes everything, from the doll and her wig, to the fashion and the accessories. The dolls have a very complex internal rod, spring and wire skeleton that took him 4 years to develop and perfect. The end result is a new invention, carefully designed to be break resistant and be a very flexible poseable doll.
His creative work with dolls began as a result of his need to find a resolution for his conflicted relationship with women, motherhood and femininity. Relating to and creating dolls allowed Brent-Harris to objectively observe women and provided him the insight he needed to embrace femininity as essential, beautiful and positive; thus, transforming his internal misogyny to appreciation and respect. This was a healing process for him and enabled him to fully own his own femininity. For this project Brent-Harris sculpted a 16” inch dolls to reflect a healthy athletic and respectful representation of black women’s bodies and outfitted them in fashions that represent his interpretation of the power and vulnerabilities of Black women.
Brent-Harris is currently in the process of creating two addition body types to more completely represent the different shapes present among black women It is his hope that viewing this exhibit will open the discussion on body image, sexuality, gender identity and vulnerability through a post-colonial identity.
All photos and information courtesy of Franz Brent-Harris
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Vincent Van Gogh Handmade Art Dolls Are Now The Rage

When you have a hobby that you like and you will hang around doing this. This will help keep you from getting in trouble, considering that you will remain hectic. This will free your mind and you from anxiety also. If you have bad habits, such as drinking or drugging you can invest your time in hobbies, which will free your mind of the binds that alcohol and drugs hold you.

One extremely popular pastime consists of doll gathering. The older porcelain dolls are an usual collectors product you may wish to consider. You will find a wide range of dolls online at Ebay shops and so on. In addition, you will find the dolls at different collector shops. Recently, handmade dolls of edgar allan poe tattooed doll popular artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo or Edgar Allan Poe are in high need, as they are distinct or “one of a kind” (OOAK) antiques and they are quite sought after not just for their appeal however also for the possibilities that the artist will become extremely popular and thus enhancing the financial value of the doll. is among the best places to discover those unusual, special handmade dolls, like the Alice in Wonderland collection from Blue Raspberry Designs ( Those are truly stunning, tattooed, handcrafted art dolls and the artists is getting popularity, so is to follow her designs will enhance in cost really fast.

What are pastimes?

Hobbies are something that you delight in doing, it could be collecting coins, dolls, hot wheel cars, stamps, knitting, more less exactly what ever you enjoy doing. When you enjoy doing hobbies, you spend not all of your additional time doing them and you believe about doing anything else. Like getting into problem. Some individuals might make their work is their hobbies this might be dealing with automobiles or heavy equipment to semis they enjoy it a lot they are always doing it no matter what when a few of us want a break from work so we do something else that we delight in doing. All of us have various hobbies and various ideas of exactly what pastimes are. Some people make fishing and hunting their hobbies.

Does hobbies expense a great deal of money to obtain begun?

Hobbies can get really pricey. Then other hobbies do not cost barely anything to do. Like gathering coins can get really pricey. If you can’t afford to put money in on a hobby maybe you should try to choose one that does cost a lot like knitting or something to do with crafts there are a lots of things you can do that do not cast absolutely nothing. Hot wheel cars only cost around a dollar. Perhaps you can spend time in shops taking a look at hot wheels, purchase one and return each week to buy another. Hot Wheel automobiles in time will end up being collectors products. In fact, the cars are currently collector items, i.e. some are.

Exactly how do I begin with my hobby?

You need to choose exactly what you enjoy, things that interest you like perhaps collecting coins, or stamps or maybe you wish to discover the history on them so this can be a good hobby for somebody. Perhaps someone prefers to work with yarn and make things so that might be some one-hobby knitting or crouching. Perhaps some one prefers to work on vehicles which is a hobby of theirs. There is no genuine way to get started other then doing it and choosing what you wish to do as a pastime.

So remember when you wish to get your mind devoid of tension or do not really want to enter difficulty. Sit down and try to figure out what you what to do for a hobby. Maybe you will wish to write them down and select out the one you think you would such as. There is nothing incorrect with having more then one pastime or later deciding that you don’t wish to do this after all and find another one. Simply keep in mind hobbies can help you improve your life by helping you to avoid of difficulty and keep your mind clear of things so you can think more clearly.

To learn even more about pastimes go online and evaluate the different items gathered, so that you can decide what hobby is best for you.

Sasha Love

Life de luxe in a smaller scale

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sasha Love
The artist Sasha Morgenthaler created a realm of childhood that, like good literature, offers a stimulating serving of ambiguity to those who engage with it. Begin with the sculpt: a universal depiction of the human child transforms via vinyl coloration and hair. The one becomes the everyone. Proceed to the expression: a smile? Not really. A pout? Certainly not. It all depends on the tilt of the head and the way that the light illuminates the face to evoke a milliard possible expressions. End with the simplicity of it blue raspberry designs dolls site all: the integrity and strength of the artist’s vision creates a doll that requires the most minimal of adornments to be. The Sasha doll is a presence, a sentiment, a conduit to the eternal moment to which many of us aim. That is the power of art and the power of a very good doll.
Dolldom shares this exclusive portfolio with an invitation to dream and to project your thoughts into these soulful vignettes. Our hope is that you will reconnect with the essential moment of childhood that makes us the unique creatures we are today.
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Conversations With Joan Crawford

Taylor for executing these delicate curls with such inspired precision. Once at the spa , the girls, Daffy, Alina, and Vera took charge and me voilà! I adore the beautiful red lipstick from Pink Bubbles Spa’s cosmetic line. The name? Sang de boeuf. My eyelashes came directly from Facets by Marcia . And the brows! Lovely and full, to frame the face more and enhance my histrionic efforts.” I simply adore gemstones. This remarkable canary yellow diamond and citrine necklace was a gift from dear George [Hurrell] who acquired it from gifted jeweler Joy Jarred.
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Life de luxe in a smaller scale
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Conversations with Joan Crawford (part II)
“I loved going back to Metro to film Torch Song. It was a real homecoming for me. These are some never before seen wardrobe test photos. I’m delighted to share them with you.”

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Destination: Lilliput

Grand entrances are made in sweeping coats over basic black. This imposing long-sleeved coat of vintage mustard, orange, and brown print is a must for entering your theater box fashionably late. Wedding Bells! May is the month for weddings. But who is the pretty bride in Retros’s white and silver lace dress? She’s hidden underneath the matching veil. A dark hard plastic Hong Kong Lilli! By the look in the mini Ken clone doll’s eyes, love will keep them together. Lilli’s silver and rhinestone necklace by Joy Jarred .
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#tonnercon: It’s Time For Action! – Tonner Doll Company

  Tonight’s centerpiece was the dazzling Milady, standing a proud 22” tall in an positively opulent  gown of burgundy velvet with elaborately draped sleeves, golden bodice decoration and shimmering belt.  Milady also features green inset eyes and a shining wig of raven tresses.  Only 100 of these beauties were made. TonnerCon Exclusive: Milady LE 100 The banquet souvenir is exciting in so many ways:  Meet Lady Arabella Bertran, the newest character incarnation in the Déjà vu Collection!  The bewitching Lady Arabella lived in Renaissance times, and was an adventurous and powerful woman of the times.  At her hamlet’s Fall Archery Festival, the Lady met a masked man with eyes of sapphire and full, dreamy lips, and once their eyes met, she realized there was a magical element between them.  A risk taker, Lady Arabella swiftly approached the masked man, and he saw her coming – this beautiful redhead with a playful smile at her lips.  She had just about reach him, to say, ‘take off your mask, scoundrel!’ when THWACK!  The good Lady was struck with a precariously aimed arrow, and never again took another breath. Introducing Lady Arabella Bertran! TonnerCon Exclusive and New Deja vu Character – LE 300 Dramatic, huh?  😀  Lady Arabella Bertran features, of course the new Déjà vu head and body sculpt, green painted eyes with luscious applied lashes, a thick and lovely mane of rooted strawberry tresses and an ethereal pale sage gown of soft velvet and trimmed in golden lace.  She is an LE of 300.  Our good Lady was the talk of the ball – collectors could not wait to get her out of her box and play with her! With tonight’s incredible turnout of costumes, the costume contest was incredibly exciting, and the competition was STIFF!  Check out the panel below: Costume contest winners Robert also handed out the Collect-O Awards – a time when guests are recognized for their enthusiasm, odd collecting habits, and other unthinkable attributes.  😀  People’s Choice in the Competition Room was announced – congrats to Tamara Casey – and the annual Robert Bordeleau Memorial Photography Award was named – congrats to Lorraine Bonecki! Tamara Casey Lorraine Bonecki Another fun Saturday Night tradition is the calling of the Raffles!  There were so many great raffle prizes this year, and the guests were positively primed with excitement (and liquor!  – kidding.  No seriously.)   Check out some great pics: Mary Lou with her Sad Sally Katie Lucas and her raffle win!   And also:  we danced!  The DJ was fabby fabby fabulous, and we had an absolute BALL!  Things Tonner Collectors are awesome at:  Collecting and DANCING!  Check out these great pics of the Dance Party Spectacular: Cutting a rug at the TonnerCon YMCA – classic! Click HERE to see ALL the amazing pics from tonight’s spectacular event.
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  We also heard some exciting new Tonner Doll News: The Leading Ladies of The Wizard of Oz are transforming the Yellow Brick Road into a fashion runway! High-end fashion and costume designers have partnered with Warner Bros. and Tonner Doll to create one-of-a-kind creations inspired by Dorothy, Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West. The dolls will be available for auction on eBay – with ALL proceeds benefitting Habitat for Humanity! Learn more about the collection HERE ! …and Robert takes a selfie with the audience! Well, dear doll lovers, we came, we saw and we collected.  It was truly a grand weekend.  Every year seems to be even more special than the last, and we are delighted that you’ve traveled the globe and the internet to hang with us for a spell.  It is always a pleasure to have some face time with our peeps that we talk to on the phone or through Social Media, and this time was no exception.
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Weston had been the first to propose the idea of an articulated figure in the form of a soldier. From there, Hasbro’s Don Levine and his team brought to market America’s moveable fighting man, and the first modern action figure for boys. Captain Action comic book cover So, too, is Lady Action a woman of the times with the ability to become other superheroes via costumes.  In fact, the SUPER cool favor at today’s luncheon was an incredible Wonder Woman ensemble for Lady Action to change into!  How WONDERful is that?! Tonner Exclusive Wonder Woman Outfit LE 150 Here’s Lady Action in …Action!  Featuring the Tyler 2.0 head sculpt on the 16” super heroine body, a removable wig of raven tresses and painted blue eyes, Lady Action is ready to take action at a moment’s notice in her blue lycra body suit, black faux leather skirt, tights, black boots, belt, signature hat and some incredible accessories:  a serrated sword and a gun, holster included.  Get one while you can:  LE 250! Lady Action LE 250 Ladies Action (Denise and Linda Bruce) with Ed Catto Mr. Catto was a terrific guest speaker, and as engaging and enthusiastic as they come.  Thanks, Ed, for coming to our event and making it so special! Speaking of Wonder Woman….Joe gave a pretty neat presentation about Diana Prince and her fashions AND (BREAKING NEWS!!) previewed a brand new line coming to Tonner Doll:  Diana Prince!  This is a really exciting new line and, while we all know her alter ego is a tough-as-nails super heroine, this line is going to primarily focus on Diana Prince as a fashion icon – though there will be a few Wonder Woman themed threads woven in for good measure. We also were party to a great retrospective program taking us back through all the Tonner Super Heroes and Villains we have created over the years.  A walk down memory lane is always fun!
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Ghoul Talk Episode 10: Spectra Vondergeist

The hair accessories that come with Tily are super cute – she and Roe both come with an adorable comb and two barrettes that are shaped like electrical outlets. These barrettes may have factored into my purchase a little more than I might want to admit, which is funny because I don’t think I will actually get much use out of them.  They are just so freaking adorable and clever though. ^^  The design on the comb is fantastic too, though this is another piece that’s mostly useless; gears and screws and hearts and bows tho – it speaks to me on a spiritual level. I can’t decide if her pet is kinda cute or hideous – the one tranquil face with the little hearts is really endearing though.  The head spins around so you can change the direction the different faces are pointing. Don’t ask me why there’s a bathtub knob on its head; doesn’t seem very cyborgy high tech to me. The stand that comes with this doll is an improvement over the other Novi Stars stands, even though at first glance it looks virtually identical.  The way these stands work is really simple – the doll’s shoes sit snugly into the indentations, and that is what holds her up.  Unfortunately, on the first wave(s) of Novi Stars, the shoes don’t stay in very well and the dolls have a tendency to fall over.  Tily’s stand, however, has the addition of a peg in the center of each shoe’s indentation that corresponds to a hole in the sole of the shoe, and it is a surprisingly effective solution.  ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I’m surprised by how different every wave of Novis was from the others.  I took out all my Novi Stars dolls and compared them – I have one from every line except the Super Novas – and they are pretty much all unique; Every one with jointed hips has a different type of joint: The sparkly purple Ari Roma body has elastic hips, the others are all plastic joints. …with a different level of articulation: And they even have different arm sculpts: The Stellar Skinz doll’s arms are the only ones that are not made to pop out for ease of dressing. Even the hand shapes are different on each iteration; it’s interesting, I wonder why they didn’t just reuse the same molds.
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Episode 10 of the Ghoul Talk podcast is all about Monster High’s most mysterious ghost, Spectra!  Listen to the episode online or download it on itunes .

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dolls and movie, and it consists of four of the main characters dressed for walking down the red black carpet for a movie premier.  The characters in this budget line are Cleo DeNile, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, and Clawdeen Wolf; they’re all pretty fabulous except for Lagoona.  Clawdeen caught my eye right off the bat though, when we first saw photos of the line from NY ComiCon ; her spiky earring and ornate neckpiece are just so fabulously bad-ass. The boxes for all the Black Carpet dolls are the same except for the character art on the front; all the art is in the cg style of the FCA! movie.  Monster High’s cg is hideous, in my opinion, and looks very little like the dolls.  Clawdeen’s is probably the closest, actually: This isn’t a doll I’d want to keep MIB anyway though, so whatever; ugly box design is a turn-off but hardly a dealbreaker. The design of the box insert is identical to the deluxe FCA dolls, and Clawdeen is supposed to be posed as if she’s walking down the “black carpet.”   Her hair takes up the entire width of the box. XD The first thing I noticed about my BC Clawdeen when I took her out of the box is that she had glue residue on her face, presumably from her hair; no worries though, it was just styling product and wiped off with a dab of water. Deboxing her was just a matter of cutting through a bunch of plastic tabs. Black Carpet Claween is wearing a purple and black animal print dress with lighter purple tulle ruffles at the bottom; her accessories consist of a purple queen of harts doll plastic moon-shaped purse, a spiky earring, a fancy gold neckpiece, a gold belt, and ornate gold shoes.  Her curly hair is light brown with purple around the hairline; she has a ponytail with a side part and some tendrils around her face. I usually really like the clothes they put on Clawdeen; purple and black and animal prints and a bad-ass aesthetic – I am totally down.  This dress, however, is just a hot mess – the main print is weird and the bottom ruffles look out of place, and the whole thing just looks like a bad collage of a dress.  If they’d left off the ruffle or the sleeves, or made the body of the dress a solid color, it would look so much better.  Also, the hem is presumably intentionally asymmetrical, but on mine it kinda looks like someone just messed up and cut it a little crooked accidentally. In contrast to the icky dress, the accessories on this doll are totally awesome; that plus the loveliness of the doll itself makes up for my distaste for the clothing.
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