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  Tonight’s centerpiece was the dazzling Milady, standing a proud 22” tall in an positively opulent  gown of burgundy velvet with elaborately draped sleeves, golden bodice decoration and shimmering belt.  Milady also features green inset eyes and a shining wig of raven tresses.  Only 100 of these beauties were made. TonnerCon Exclusive: Milady LE 100 The banquet souvenir is exciting in so many ways:  Meet Lady Arabella Bertran, the newest character incarnation in the Déjà vu Collection!  The bewitching Lady Arabella lived in Renaissance times, and was an adventurous and powerful woman of the times.  At her hamlet’s Fall Archery Festival, the Lady met a masked man with eyes of sapphire and full, dreamy lips, and once their eyes met, she realized there was a magical element between them.  A risk taker, Lady Arabella swiftly approached the masked man, and he saw her coming – this beautiful redhead with a playful smile at her lips.  She had just about reach him, to say, ‘take off your mask, scoundrel!’ when THWACK!  The good Lady was struck with a precariously aimed arrow, and never again took another breath. Introducing Lady Arabella Bertran! TonnerCon Exclusive and New Deja vu Character – LE 300 Dramatic, huh?  😀  Lady Arabella Bertran features, of course the new Déjà vu head and body sculpt, green painted eyes with luscious applied lashes, a thick and lovely mane of rooted strawberry tresses and an ethereal pale sage gown of soft velvet and trimmed in golden lace.  She is an LE of 300.  Our good Lady was the talk of the ball – collectors could not wait to get her out of her box and play with her! With tonight’s incredible turnout of costumes, the costume contest was incredibly exciting, and the competition was STIFF!  Check out the panel below: Costume contest winners Robert also handed out the Collect-O Awards – a time when guests are recognized for their enthusiasm, odd collecting habits, and other unthinkable attributes.  😀  People’s Choice in the Competition Room was announced – congrats to Tamara Casey – and the annual Robert Bordeleau Memorial Photography Award was named – congrats to Lorraine Bonecki! Tamara Casey Lorraine Bonecki Another fun Saturday Night tradition is the calling of the Raffles!  There were so many great raffle prizes this year, and the guests were positively primed with excitement (and liquor!  – kidding.  No seriously.)   Check out some great pics: Mary Lou with her Sad Sally Katie Lucas and her raffle win!   And also:  we danced!  The DJ was fabby fabby fabulous, and we had an absolute BALL!  Things Tonner Collectors are awesome at:  Collecting and DANCING!  Check out these great pics of the Dance Party Spectacular: Cutting a rug at the TonnerCon YMCA – classic! Click HERE to see ALL the amazing pics from tonight’s spectacular event.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit #TonnerCon: Time After Time blueraspberrydesigns Banquet – Tonner Doll Company

  We also heard some exciting new Tonner Doll News: The Leading Ladies of The Wizard of Oz are transforming the Yellow Brick Road into a fashion runway! High-end fashion and costume designers have partnered with Warner Bros. and Tonner Doll to create one-of-a-kind creations inspired by Dorothy, Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West. The dolls will be available for auction on eBay – with ALL proceeds benefitting Habitat for Humanity! Learn more about the collection HERE ! …and Robert takes a selfie with the audience! Well, dear doll lovers, we came, we saw and we collected.  It was truly a grand weekend.  Every year seems to be even more special than the last, and we are delighted that you’ve traveled the globe and the internet to hang with us for a spell.  It is always a pleasure to have some face time with our peeps that we talk to on the phone or through Social Media, and this time was no exception.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit #TonnerCon: Once Upon a Time… – Tonner Doll Company

Weston had been the first to propose the idea of an articulated figure in the form of a soldier. From there, Hasbro’s Don Levine and his team brought to market America’s moveable fighting man, and the first modern action figure for boys. Captain Action comic book cover So, too, is Lady Action a woman of the times with the ability to become other superheroes via costumes.  In fact, the SUPER cool favor at today’s luncheon was an incredible Wonder Woman ensemble for Lady Action to change into!  How WONDERful is that?! Tonner Exclusive Wonder Woman Outfit LE 150 Here’s Lady Action in …Action!  Featuring the Tyler 2.0 head sculpt on the 16” super heroine body, a removable wig of raven tresses and painted blue eyes, Lady Action is ready to take action at a moment’s notice in her blue lycra body suit, black faux leather skirt, tights, black boots, belt, signature hat and some incredible accessories:  a serrated sword and a gun, holster included.  Get one while you can:  LE 250! Lady Action LE 250 Ladies Action (Denise and Linda Bruce) with Ed Catto Mr. Catto was a terrific guest speaker, and as engaging and enthusiastic as they come.  Thanks, Ed, for coming to our event and making it so special! Speaking of Wonder Woman….Joe gave a pretty neat presentation about Diana Prince and her fashions AND (BREAKING NEWS!!) previewed a brand new line coming to Tonner Doll:  Diana Prince!  This is a really exciting new line and, while we all know her alter ego is a tough-as-nails super heroine, this line is going to primarily focus on Diana Prince as a fashion icon – though there will be a few Wonder Woman themed threads woven in for good measure. We also were party to a great retrospective program taking us back through all the Tonner Super Heroes and Villains we have created over the years.  A walk down memory lane is always fun!
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit #TonnerCon: It’s Time for ACTION! – Tonner Doll Company


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