“j’adore” Gene Marshall

She’s nabbed Violet’s lavender ensemble, added some jewels by Facets and a hard cap wig by mad hatter art doll Cheryl Wood. There is something so innocent about this doll. I like her a lot.

A closeup of her sweet face:
And just because I like them…her hands.
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Itbe Wave 2: A W Club Exclusive By Integrity Toys

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
Package Dimensions: 13.5″ X 4″ X 2.25″

This AA Kyori comes dressed in a jacquard belted cocktail visit here dress, with matching shoes and a doll stand. Fully articulated doll with rooted hair and hand applied eyelashes. For adult collectors ages 14 and up.She lis the original Kyori sculpt so I am falling for this one hard. Plus she’s never had this skin-tone before (only Latina releases untl now). The dress is of course the Isha one in a different fabric. I like the fact that the shoes all these dolls wear are not the same as the previous release. And they look great too.
Item # 15026
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied

Package Dimensions: 13.5″ X 4″ X 2.25″
Janay is the very first Integrity sculpt, long before Fashion Royalty dolls were even a concept. So there is some sentimental value added to this particular release. She is dressed in a sassy red and black version of the pleated cocktail dress that Natalia was wearing the previous time in B&W. It includes belt, shoes and a doll stand. Fully articulated doll with rooted hair and hand applied eyelashes. For adult collectors ages 14 and up. If one of the two previous dolls were not part of this wave, I might have tried my luck with this one even though I already have the dress too. The shoes look like they might be like wave 1 Adele’s in red.
Item # 15027
Eyelashes: Yes
Package Dimensions: 13.5″ X 4″ X 2.25″
Night Strike comes dressed in the pleated cocktail dress we have seen before (third strike out?) in new colours, that comes with belt, shoes and a doll stand. Fully articulated doll with rooted hair and hand applied eyelashes. For adult collectors ages 14 and up.A pure Monogram doll, I am passing on this one too as I already have a platinum haired Monogram. Looks great though.
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Something About Mary

Life de luxe in a smaller scale
Thursday, December 26, 2013
Something About Mary

2013 saw the debut of Mary Magpie, the very first digitally printed fashion doll created by artist Joey Versaw. Dolldom, always in http://www.blueraspberrydesigns.com the pursuit of the handmade and of the retro-inspired, was immediately smitten with this bodacious babe that comes out of a printer. How could we not? Not only can she wear Mr. Versaw’s creations, she is also the perfect model for vintage Barbie clothing. And in so doing, Mary Magpie brings a new way to interpret the creations of the ever beloved Charlotte Johnson.
For this Dolldom end-of-year exclusive, three different Mary Mapie models wear sheaths – one of the staples in vintage Barbie doll’s closet.

Mary’s expressive sculpt and Mr.Versaw’s always inspired face painting give the world of fashion dolls a genuinely original vision and a real sense of direction with new freedom to choose your basic model’s make-up and wigs.
Blue Moon Mary Magpie with dark chocolate Bettie wig wears jewelry by Joy Jarred and a recycled fur stole by Liz Cole.
Purely Platinum Mary Magpie transforms (and is queen of haughty) in a coal noir Bettie wig. The arched eyebrows have it.
A Eurasian Mary Magpie? Absolutely! Dolldom could not do without an Anna May Wong-inspired Mary Magpie doll! Mr. Versaw’s precise hand gave her pencil thin arched eyebrows and the sexiest pout to date. Her coal noir bob wig is minimal and so elegant. Perfect doll. Forever doll.
Mary Wong models a classic black organza cocktail sheath by Bogue’s Vogues and a purple cherry pearl bracelet by Joy Jarred.
Red delights and makes mouths water. Marirose’s mastery comes across loud and clear in this revision of vintage Barbie’s “Pak” silk sheath.
Vintage Barbie Golden Girl’s sheath is found easily these days. Why not redress your Mary Magpie in this jewel of a dress? The Japanese fabric is heavy and luxurious and the tiny zipper is a miniature miracle. Add a recycled fur stole by Retros and pearls and champagne diamond necklace by Joy Jarred and voilà you have perfection in doll medium.
For more on Mary Magpie, visit her at Mary Magpie . Better yet, join in the many collectors who have welcomed Mary to their collections and visit her store . Then join the Mary Magpie community on Facebook .  Have fun with Mary Magpie!
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Tonner Doll Spring Collection 2014 Release

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Tonner Doll Spring Collection 2014 release

Honestly I have given a lot of thought in posting this article. I used to https://www.etsy.com/listing/125195828/salvador-dali-art-doll-tattoo-sleeve expect Tonner Doll releases with much anticipation and excitement. It seems now that it won’t be the case any more. With every new release, the real fashion dolls from Tonner are less and less fashion-like and their numbers are dwindling as well. Gone is the powerhouse fashion dolls of the brand (Tyler, Sydney et al) and in their place we have the “street-wise” Cami & Jon along with the time-travelling Deja-Vu. Below are photos of the fashion dolls from the Spring 2014 Tonner collection – the rest of which was dedicated to child dolls, Kitty Collier and non-fashion dolls. I am not surprised their film/comics/fantasy dolls sell better.
Party Print Liu Liu, Dressed Doll, $149.99 This is the only one I’d buy if I had money to spare. And just for the doll, not the outfit.
Party Bold Jon Dressed Doll, $149.99
Party Lace Cami Dressed Doll, $149.99. Best dress in the bunch.
nullParty Stripes Cami Dressed Doll, $149.99
Red Hot, dressed doll, $179.99. Deja Vu collection (like all the dolls and fashions that follow). Nice outfit but this sculpt is not one I like. Especially the bags under her eyes. She’s partying too hard.
Thoroughly Modern, Outfit, $89.99
Countryside Visit, Dressed Doll, $209.99
Moonlit Romance, Dressed Doll, $199.99. The bow row on the skirt looks like an afterthought and the hem too plain for the time period and the style of the outfit.
Crisis Calm, Outfit, $89.99. Stripes again. Here, combined with checked shirt. Really?
Polished, Outfit, $99.99.
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Breaking News! The New Tonner Sindy To Be Revealed At The Uk Sindy Convention


Tonner Sindy to continue reading this.. Debut This Year!

My good friend Melanie J Quint the driving force behind the UK Sindy Convention has recently disclosed that the 2014 Sindy Convention will be the showcase for revealing the long awaited Tonner Sindy doll line. It is even hoped that Robert Tonner himself will be present! The convention takes place on Saturday 26th July in Lincoln, UK and will also have a strong presence from Pedigree, Sindy’s original maker.
If you are a Sindy fan be sure to grab yourself a place on the convention while you can!
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Doll Review: Swim Class Frankie Stein


Next up on my long, long list of dolls to review is Swim Class Frankie Stein.  This is a doll I wasn’t planning on getting at all, despite the awesome hair – I’m just not in love with her stock (or any of the Swim dolls’), but when tweedle dee and tweedle dum ooak doll I saw her on clearance at Justice for only $6… who could resist?  [side note: it’s amazing how many $6 Monster High dolls I found in the States!]
Swim Class is an officially nameless budget line consisting of two subsequent waves of beach-themed dolls in swimsuits; Frankie is part of the second wave.

Frankie is the only doll I have from this line, though I would have loved to get my hands on Holt too, just ’cause he’s a boy and his signature doll is hard to find.  I actually had a chance to get him from another collector a while ago, but didn’t have the money when he was available.  *tear*
There was a little surprise when I removed Frankie from the backcard – a shark in the waves.  It’s a cute detail, but it wasn’t visible at all when the doll was in the box.
And here she is, out of the box:
One of the gimmicks with the Swim Class dolls is that they all have some kind of vinyl accents on their swimsuits.  It’s not a gimmick I’m a fan of in general, cause the vinyl is so stiff and not something a real person would have on their clothes outside of a fashion runway.  I have to admit it’s kinda cool on Frankie’s swimsuit though; somehow it seems more appropriate on her than the other dolls.
Frankie is wearing a strapless yellow, white & black swimsuit that’s printed with nuts and bolts, and the vinyl accent is a clear blue lightning bolt shaped piece that goes all the way up the swimsuit and wraps around the back of her neck like a halter top.
In addition to the vinyl-accented bathing suit, this Frankie doll comes with yellow sunglasses, two blue bracelets, a plastic yellow tote bag, a “towel” that matches her swimsuit, and translucent yellow pumps.  The towel is really cheap, and I don’t care for the tote bag at all.
The shoes are cute when you look really close, but from any kind of distance they just look like yellow blobs – they’re recasts of Sweet 1600 Frankie’s shoes , and this is not a sculpt that works in a single translucent color.
The bracelets/armbands are cute, with the whole staples/stitches theme, but it would have been nice if they were not identical to each other – it kinda looks like she’s wearing bracers.  Who the hell wears the same bracelet on both arms?
My favorite thing about this doll is her hair – it’s awesome, and I like it even more than Ghoul Spirit Frankie .  The blues are the exact same shade on both dolls, but I really love the black and white striped look of the rest of this doll’s hair; I’m always a sucker for b&w stripes..
The blue in this Frankie’s hair is all in the back, and her bangs are different than most – instead of being rooted across the front of her forehead, they’re rooted in a side part and then combed diagonally forward.  It would be pretty weird on a real person, but it works on the doll.  Overall, the rooting on my Swim Class Frankie seems to be quite good, with the small exception of a wonky hairline in the back.
I think I would have liked to see Swim Frankie with a more natural lip color, whatever that means for her.. maybe a color that’s a couple shades darker than her skintone..  But then, a natural lip color wouldn’t really go with the bright yellow eyeshadow that coordinates so nicely with her outfit.
I don’t know why I didn’t notice it when she was in the box (not that it would have mattered, as she was the last one of these dolls on the shelf at the store), but this Frankie doll has some black marks and smudges on her thighs, including some that seem to be set into the seams of the plastic, and some blurry stitches.  The marks must be the same ink that her stitches are printed with, because they are not budging; I tried scrubbing her leg, but no dice.  I might be able to get the marks off with a magic eraser or paint remover.. hopefully.
Aside from that one flaw, this Frankie doll is pretty awesome.  I’m not a huge fan of her stock, but the doll itself is one I want to play with and redress – she has the best hair of all the Frankie Stein dolls to date and her faceup is pretty cute too.  Definitely worth the $6 I spent!
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On The Town

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Sunday, January 26, 2014
On The Town

On the town, tonight. An elegant town. With elegant folk. Dolldom remembers the days when mothers and fathers would leave the suburban ranch all decked-out for a night on the town!
To bask in the soft glow of such sweet memories, Dolldom features a most scintillating fashion: On The Town, designed by New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology founders Jay E. Watkins and Edward Roberts for Marx and Co.’s Miss Seventeen doll.
As fashion doll scholar Beauregard Houston Montgomery writes in his not-to-be-missed tome Designer Fashion Dolls (Hobby House Press, 1999): “Though herself poorly executed, Miss Seventeen is ravishingly redeemed by her brillinatly conceived wardrobe.”
Imagine then what occurs when a superbly executed doll like JAMIEshow’s J’adore Gene does the modeling? Fireworks. Created by fashion maven queen of hearts ooak doll Liz Cole for Retros , this unabashedly vintage fashion is all dramour!
dram  our
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