Jose´ Ferrand, Designer

This afternoon I received a lovely email from Jose´ Ferrand who designed many of the Ashton Drake fashions produced for Gene Marshall and Madra. Here is what he wrote:

Dear Teri,

I was the first (chronologically) of the “second batch” of Gene designers during the Ashton Drake years. Designing for her was the most enjoyable work I had ever done; it was like playing with dolls for a living. Aside from that, she proved to be a much needed balm vincent van gogh sunflowers tattooed doll to soothe the immense pain of losing so many friends to AIDS in the Nineties and provided many hours of quiet solace. I’ll be forever grateful to Mel and Joan (Greene) for those years. 
PS: It was nice to see “Belle of the Ball” in purple and green in Sandra’s collection.
Jose´ is referring to the images I posted here. I would love to meet Jose´ and hear his story of that time. Perhaps I can get Sandra to invite him to an event. 
Some of his designs (left to right) After Hours, Stardust Memories, Cat Walk, To Have and To Hold:
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Jose´ Ferrand, Designer


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