Breaking Bad

Life de luxe in a smaller scale

Saturday, January 18, 2014
Breaking Bad

The fun of a redress. Dolldom and bona fide dollectors live for the thrill of sailor nautical tattooed doll seeing a beloved doll transform.
Benefiting from the rich offerings in the market, Dolldom mixes and matches lines and dolls and comes up with a what-if-fantasy. What if instead of Marylin, Miss Gene Marshall had starred in the film classic Niagara ?
Our wardrobe department spotted Tonner Doll’s “The Problem with Rose” fashion and immediately acquired it. To go against the expected type, Mel Odom’s White Orchid Gene , produced by Jamieshow ,  plays the title role of Rose Loomis. And Miss Marshall is 100% bad girl in a brown bob by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll .  Boom! The screen explodes. Gene is a smoldering presence. And with a beauty mark to boot! “Neat As A Pin” Trent Osborn was captivated enough to miss his lines more than once. Who can blame him!
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