Ta- Da- Ta Da. It’s Time For A Superdoll Wedding

Superdoll Wedding DC Dolls

2 OOAKs and a SALON Outfit, Oh My!

This afternoon was a rather exciting, if nail-biting time, for Superdoll fans  as they awaited the availability of a SALON exclusive outfit on the Supersite following an email announcement sent earlier in the day. The Superboys wished to celebrate love, in all its guises, on the eve of Pride weekend in London with the sale of 2 OOAK bride dolls and 10 bridal outfits. The OOAK dolls were shown on the Superdoll Facebook page and I suspect have already made their way to their lucky new owner(s).
However the stated time of 4pm came and went, along with much browser refreshing, but nothing to be seen. As per wedding tradition, a Facebook post announced that the bride was running somewhat late. When the outfit, Ta- Da- Ta Da, did finally appear, an hour later, it sold out in less than 2 minutes. The edition size was 10.
Here is the blurb I managed to grab from the site:
“Venus did not have a clue, she was just told to be in London TODAY!

Little did she know her sisters were about to grey whale illustrated vintage doll tie the knot…. and she was to do the frocks publicity shots.The brides were fashionably late for starters….The gown is a short contemporary little froth, beaded and embroidered with astro halogram sequin payette, clear bugles, frosted bugles, silver sequins and little white molded sequin flowers.
A HUGE semi circular headpiece, just dramatique enough, and a gorgeous silk tulle veil.This corseted gown is accessorised with delightful white tulle panties, white garter belt and milky white fishnet hose that attach to the garter with little daisies.
No bride would be complete without a bouquet, and this random array of gorgeous bugle bead ferns, ribbons and diamante stud satin roses, is finished off with pearl sprays.
Heel_less platform shoes trimmed to within an inch of themselves!
The outfit retailed for £448.00
And here are the OOAK Brides in the DC face sculpt
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Ta- Da- Ta Da. It’s Time for a Superdoll Wedding


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