Hat-tastic Party Apple White And Clothing From Fable’s End Emporium

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Saturday, June 14, 2014
Hat-Tastic Party Apple White and Clothing from Fable’s End Emporium
Mattel has been busy lately.  Not only are the first Freaky Fusion and Zombie Shake Monster High dolls on the shelves, but there are several exciting new Ever After High releases, too.  As if Pinocchio’s wonderfully wooden daughter Cedar wasn’t enough, both the Hat-Tastic Party lineup and Rapunzel’s twins have recently started appearing online and in stores.
Initially, I intended to review only Hat-Tastic Apple White this week, because a friend gave me some wonderful custom clothes that I thought would look great on her.  However, in the midst of that review, my Holly and Poppy O’Hair arrived, and I couldn’t wait to get them out of their box!
With all of these new Ever After High dolls to review, this was originally a massive, 250-picture post that included Apple, her new clothes, and both of the red-headed O’Hair twins, but I decided to break that beast of a review into two parts–which I will publish in rapid succession.  First, here’s the lovely Hat-Tastic Apple White:
Ever After High’s Hat-Tastic Party Apple White.
Hat-Tastic Apple White is my second Apple White doll .  I haven’t been tempted by many of the other versions of Apple–mostly because they all look very similar.  This doll strongly resembles the premiere Apple, too, but she has fun pink streaks in her hair:
She also comes with cute tea set accessories!
The Hat-Tastic collection centers around Madeline Hatter’s tea party.  There’s an Evite-style invitation to this party on the back of the box:
They”charm” things instead of “liking” them.
Madeline asks everyone wear “their most tea-rrific hat,” so all of the dolls in this collection come wearing hats.  The five characters listed in the “Hex Yeah!” reply column of the invitation all have doll versions.  Maddie’s doll comes with a fun-looking tea party playset.
Apple is displayed against the standard design of typed words in random languages, with a colorful party scene in the foreground:
There’s a pop-out cardboard table that held the tea set accessories:
Here’s Apple herself:
In general, the Apple character’s pale vinyl and platinum blonde hair can make her look washed out and ghosty, but the pink streaks around this doll’s face make her look much rosier.  A small section of her bangs are tied at the left side of her face, sweeping some of the pink across her forehead in a simple curl:
Apple comes with a gold stand (tucked into the spine of the book-shaped box), a purse, two tea cups and a tea pot. 
The tea cups attach to their saucers with a peg and hole connection, and the crown-shaped lid of the tea pot can be removed:
Apple’s purse is pink with a black beaded handle:
It has a small red apple decorating the front:
It does not open.
And a plain back with a quilted design:
Apple’s hat is a white pill box with a large red bow in front:
The hat is held onto Apple’s head with a black headband. The headband pushes the hair back and exposes many of Apple’s root plugs and her yellowish scalp:
Apple is wearing tiny red apple stud earrings:
Each apple has a bow underneath it:
My other Apple doll has unevenly-placed eyebrows, but this doll’s face paint is nice and symmetrical.  Her color palette is slightly darker than the original Apple, with more detail around her eyes:

Each eye has four layers of eyeshadow: an inner metallic gold line, lines of saffron and brown in the middle, and a wide outer band of faint gold.  The thick eyelashes also cast a purple shadow on the top of the eye:
Apple’s lips are a deep sparkling red and do not have any decorative dots:
Here are my two Apple dolls together so you can see the differences.  The pink hair is quite an improvement, I think.  
Hat-Tastic Apple is wearing a red, black and white party dress with a lot of printed detail:
The top of the dress is made out of a red polka dotted stretch knit and has short puffed sleeves with white ribbon-banded cuffs.  A black and white sweetheart bodice shape overlays the polka dots, and the whole thing is covered with a three-stranded pearl necklace:
The skirt of the dress is made out of a third type of stiff printed fabric with a tea cup and cupcake design.  The waist is gathered with the short ends sticking up:

There’s a design on the tea cups, but I can’t tell what it’s supposed to be:
The dress opens in back and is easy to get on and off, but Apple’s hands have to be removed in order for her arms to fit through the sleeves.
The skirt of the dress is fully lined with plain red stretch knit and hemmed in black lace:
Apple is wearing wonderful netted ankle socks and pearly white shoes:
Her shoes have golden twisted heels and small molded flowers along the sides:
I am not sure what the heel is supposed to be (if anything) but perhaps the small flowers along the sides are apple blossoms?
Very pretty shoes.
Apple’s hands are painted solid black as though she’s wearing gloves.  She’s also wearing pearly white bracelets on each arm that look like the ruffled cuffs of the gloves:
This Apple’s body is the same as my other Apple.  I didn’t see any red staining from the dress, which is great, however the body does have a glitch.  Hat-Tastic Apple’s ball-jointed hips are very stiff and hard to move.  Her right hip can not flex all of the way.  In the picture, below, both hips are bent towards the body as far as they will go:
Here are my two Apple dolls together: these dolls are similar enough that I’m still unsure about whether it’s necessary to own both of them.
Both Apple dolls have red-based, busy outfits that remind me of Angelic Pretty Lolita-style fashion. Despite some differences in makeup, their faces are hard to tell apart from a distance.  They both have jewelry pieces with nice, themed details.  The texture and style of the hair is the same on both dolls, and the pink streaks are the only difference.
So, which doll do I prefer?  Well, the new Apple’s pink hair and cute hat give her a definite edge, but her black hands are not very versatile and her articulation is too stiff.  The original Apple has wonky face paint and a super-pale head, but she moves better and has normal hands.  My older Apple has a much better purse, but Hat-Tastic Apple has the adorable tea set with pieces she can actually hold:  
All in all, this new doll is my favorite of the two…she just might need an occasional hand transplant from the other Apple.
So, one of my reasons for purchasing Hat-Tastic Apple is that I needed a model for some new handmade clothes that fit Ever After High dolls.  Our friend Emily, who wrote the Picture Day Frankie Stein and Scaris Abbey Bominable doll guest reviews , has opened a new Etsy shop!  She was kind enough to send me some items from her store as a lovely thank you for her review.
Emily’s Etsy store is called Fable’s End Emporium , and it specializes in mix-and-match outfit pieces for Ever After High dolls.  She also accepts custom orders.  Emily’s gift to me was an 18th century-inspired outfit that isn’t even listed in her shop yet.  I also bought a few of her well-priced separates.  This all added up to a nice pile of goodies!
All wrapped in recyclable brown paper and beautifully labeled.
Apple was pretty excited to try on her new clothes.  She wanted to start with some of the smaller packages and leave the enticing panniers, petticoat and overskirt for last.
The separates are made out of a stretchy synthetic knit.  They come either in the Royal color palette (pink, red and white) or the Rebel colors (purple, blue and grey).  I chose the Royal options for Apple: 
Ruffled top with pencil skirt.
I ordered two tops, two skirts, a jacket and two belts.  All of this cost about $20 with shipping.  Here are some of the fun combinations that are possible:
Ruffled top with circle skirt.
Peplum top and circle skirt.
Peplum top and pencil skirt.
Peplum top, pencil skirt and jacket.
Of course the clothing can also be mixed and matched with regular Ever After High items, too.  These are nice basics to have.  Some of the regular Ever After High clothes are so packed with prints and designs that it’s nice to have solid colors to balance things out.  The pink peplum top is my favorite piece.  This looks so sweet on Apple and the style is perfect for her fairy tale theme.  My least favorite pieces are the belts.  These are unfinished strips of fabric, and I couldn’t get mine to look good:
I’ve looked back at Emily’s store pictures and realize that this is partly my fault–I was supposed to fold the belts over before tying them around Apple’s waist.  That would have hidden the rough edges and looked much better!
Ok, now for the pieces that Emily made especially for me!  There were no pictures of these items in the shop, so the outfit was a huge surprise.  All I knew was that it was inspired by 18th century fashion and had “panniers” and a corset.  This outfit even came with carefully-written instructions for how to put it on correctly:
Brilliant idea!
Following these instructions carefully, I first got out the corset and put it on Apple–keeping the ties loose.  The corset is the only piece that is made out of a printed fabric.  It is an off-white muslin with a red and pink flower pattern.
Before I put on the petticoat, I wanted to get a picture of Apple with just the panniers on.  Panniers are hooped underskirts that were popular in the 18th century.  The name comes from the French word panier, which means “basket.”  These are amazing.  They are made out of off-white muslin and are quilted and boned to create a perfect profile:
Here’s a photo of some full-size panniers from the mid-1700s:
Here’s the entire outfit on Apple–it includes a muslin petticoat, a pink stretch overskirt, the panniers and the corset:
I tried to do a quick Marie Antoinette hairstyle by poofing up the blonde part of Apple’s hair and letting the pink ringlets hang down, but it’s a little crazy:
I love this style of clothing on Apple and think salvador dali handmade doll it gives her an elegant, mature look that still has a healthy dose of fairy tale fun.  Emily–thank you so much for making these beautiful clothes for my Apple.  I wish you all the very best with your new store!
Now, if you still have the energy to read about Holly and Poppy O’Hair , check out part two of this Ever After High extravaganza!  
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Hat-Tastic Party Apple White and Clothing from Fable’s End Emporium


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