Ken’s Hair Club

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Ken’s Hair Club
Time passes. And it’s passage is not without effects. For example, hair falls off. And in the world of dolls, hair determines much of the visual impact that a model may have. All too often, an out-of-scale do kills the well-meaning doll. But that is the subject for another entry. In the realm of male dolls, vintage Ken to be exact, it is the absence – full or partial – of the doll’s original flocking that turns the handsome lad into an undesirable. The truth is that vanity reigns and ideals of beauty and youth determine who gets to model inside the cabinet. Vintage Ken had several outfits that featured hats and caps, but the number was not extensive enough to cover the heads of all the vintage first issue Ken dolls that survived playtime in the early 1960s.
What to do? Reflock them with materials used for creating the effect of vegetation around model trains? Wash and paint the heads with acrylic? Possibilities, these are. Yet, if the desire is to restore the doll to it’s original concept, then the professionals are needed. If vintage Barbie’s hair can be beautifully refreshed by Pink Bubble Spa , why can’t Ken take off his hat and show off a full head of flocked hair? Enter Ray Cairo of Flock Concepts. Mr. Cairo is the expert in electromagnetic flocking services for the G.I. Joe community as well as for Ken and even Mel Odom’s Trent .
For this Dolldom entry, three vintage Ken dolls demonstrate what professional hair restoration can achieve. Flock Concepts expert selection of perfectly scaled fibers along with its electromagnetic application yield magnificent results. For the DIY set, Flock Concepts also provides re-flocking and flocking repair kits. Flock concepts even offers free video tutorials at the bottom of the site’s main page.
You wish to see proof? Here we go!
Candid Commuter Ken Carson
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Ken’s Hair Club


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