Délice En Miniature

Life de luxe in a smaller scale
Sunday, July 20, 2014
Délice en miniature
When artist Joey Versaw set out to create the latest version of his doll character Mary Magpie , the first 3D printed fashion doll, he was envisioning the multiple possibilities that this technology afforded him. How about creating Mary Magpie not only as an eleven and half inch doll but also issuing a miniature version, as small as the vintage Dawn doll by Topper is?

And so the mini version of Mary Magpie was born. At her reduced size, Mini Mary is also hand painted by Mr. Versaw, a painstaking process when one considers that her head is less than an inch wide. Boasting molded shoes in the style of vintage doll goddess Bild Lilli, Mini Mary is ready to wear many fabulous fashions created by Mr. Versaw or borrowed from Dawn’s closet.
Yet, the fun of Mini Mary does not stop at redress. Boasting a wardrobe of 3D printed wigs in a myriad styles and colors, Mary does more that just look pretty in a different fashion. With a https://www.etsy.com/listing/186294095/alice-in-wonderland-ooak-handmade-art white pompadour wig, Mini Mary becomes Marie Antoinette. What fun! What versatility!
To prove the point, Dolldom’s editors dressed Mini Mary in a new gown by fashion maven Liz Cole, whose Retros label packs our editorial closets. In a gown of verdant green to match Mini Mary’s hand painted eyes, Mini Mary acquires a different persona by virtue of her wig change.
You be the judge!
Mini Mary welcomes you to her wig party in a shantung silk and tulle cocktail dress by Retros and her original bob style wig.
Falling in Love Again? A bit of Miss Dietrich, perhaps?
Maleficent? Could be!
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Délice en miniature


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